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December 2016
The residents and their families enjoyed traditional Turkey Dinner for Thanksgiving, and are fully trimmed with Christmas trees and decorations for a spectacular Christmas celebration.  The families will join the residents and staff for a special homemade dinner Christmas day.  We recognize the importance of maintaining holiday traditions, especially for seniors with limited ability to enjoy outings with their families.

We kicked off the summer in Alamo, celebrating completion of the gardens.  Drought and deer resistant plants completed our garden walkway project.  Now, residents can stroll from front to back on a lovely walkway surrounded by manicured gardens.  Neighbors, friends, family members and residents enjoyed a wine tasting party accompanied by the fabulous Mark Shaw singing Sinatra tunes.  Thanks to our gardener Jose, the gardens are gorgeous.

We are doing our best to conserve precious water resources; staff, families and residents have been advised about conservation techniques.  Water displacement devices have been placed in every toilet to conserve with each flush, we minimize using the dishwasher and are taking shorter showers.  Disposable under-pads help minimize using the washing machine, and now that the garden is well established, we can maintain it with fewer water cycles every week.  The Villas are very proud to be doing their part to conserve water during this year's drought.

Our residents celebrated Easter with family visits and egg filled chocolate surprises.  Vickie cooked a special menu, which included pineapple glazed ham with miniature rosemary roasted potatoes, glazed butternut squash and garden fresh zucchini.  The flowers in the garden are in full bloom; all the residents are enjoying the outdoors with our warm Spring weather.  Despite a little additional rainfall in March, we are committed to continuing our water conservation efforts through the summer this year.  Hoping everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!

Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care.......trees are trimmed and families will enjoy a beautiful home made Christmas lunch with the residents and staff.  Many have contributed to my annual Toys for Tots Marine Reserve collection program this year.  Thank you to all the family members and residents who contributed toys for the needy in our community.  In giving joy to others, we receive it back tenfold.  Happy Holidays to everyone!

I'm carrying on a tradition in memory of my father Aldo Baiocchi to collect new, unwrapped toys for children who might otherwise be neglected at Christmas time for the Toys for Tots Marine reserve program.  By participating, I feel this may be one small contribution to put a little back into a community which has given me so much.  It is also meaningful to continue the work my father so tirelessly contributed for 41 years.  As a Marine Veteran, what Dad loved about this charity is that 100% of the donations go directly to the children; it is run completely by Marine Corp volunteers!  I can't do this alone however, I need your help.  If you wish to help me with a donation you may drop off toys at any of my facilities, or send monetary donation checks payable to "Toys for Tots" to my mailing address: 1191 Vista Ridge Ct  Concord CA  94518.  I will be collecting through 12/31/13.  Call me if you have questions: Vickie Cell: 925-323-7903.  Note: All donations are tax deductible.

Residents and their families will feast on a traditional, home made Thanksgiving meal on the 28th.  Our menu includes: Turkey with mashed potatoes and sausage/bread stuffing with mushroom gravy, fruited sweet potatoes/yams with pecans, green bean casserole with mushrooms and crunchy fried onion topping, cranberry sauce and apple pie as well as pumpkin pie for desert.  We are so thankful for the friendship and support all our families have provided the staff and residents at our Villas.  We look forward to sharing a sumptuous meal with our residents, staff and families on this joyous Thanksgiving day.  There is much to be grateful for.  May everyone enjoy a day of thanks and bountiful gastronomical delights.  Vickie

Villa Vietri has a new large walkway that trails throughout the grounds of the backyard.  Residents and their guests can walk or take a ride throughout the lovely landscaped yard.  New landscaping is also planned for the fall, and we continue to enjoy the wildlife from birds to squirrels who regularly entertain us.

May 2013

All Villas are undergoing some small or large renovations.  Villa Vittoria in Martinez had a new driveway installed that will make it safe for families and visitors to load/unload their loved ones.  We recently installed a new spacious refrigerator and also just passed our licensing inspection.  Tess is doing a superb job as our on-site administrator.

Villa Speranza in Antioch has received new bed linens that brighten up the bedrooms for a new cheery look.  Over the winter we re-landscaped the front yard to include several flowering bushes and plants that not only conserve water, but also enhances the attractiveness of the home in the neighborhood. 

Villa Vietri in Alamo is getting a mini-face lift with all new exterior paint this spring.  We also hope to make some attractive landscaping changes that will allow the garden to conserve more water on the large east side near the gazebo.  We still enjoy catching glimpses of the various critters that visit including the many birds, deer & squirrles.  Unfortunately, I'm losing the battle for territory with the moles; they seem to have a whole underground freeway surrounding the house!

I continue to supplement on-site cooked meals with some of my favorite dishes including ricotta-lemon blueberry pancakes, fruit stuffed french toast, banana walnut waffles, garlic-herb tilapia, roasted salmon, sliced beef in wine/mushroom sauce, BBQ Pork chops, chicken & stuffing, stuffed pork chops, stuffed bell peppers, meatloaf & cakes.  Please come join us for a meal sometime!

The Villas are decorated with Fall decor and await families to join us for a Thanksgiving Feast!

Thanksgiving Menu:

Turkey, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Sausage-Sage Stuffing, Sweet Potato-fruit compote casserole with pecan topping, green bean-mushroom casserole with onion topping, cranberry sauce, buttered roll, pumpkin and apple pie & coffee.

Our Christmas trees are trimmed and stockings hung at the fireplace as we await a warm Christmas morning opening gifts.  Families will be joining us for a Christmas Carols and a classic Christmas dinner.

Ham, scalloped potatoes, mixed vegetables, buttered rolls, apple sauce, pie & coffee