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Can I bring my own furniture?   Yes!  We encourage residents to bring furnishings that fit within the space of their room, including a favorite chair that we'll make space for in the living room.  We also encourage families to decorate the room with meaningful photos and mementos.

Can my family visit anytime?  Yes!  Although it is best to visit after 9am and before 6pm when residents are more available, we encourage visitors and having you join us for a meal.

Can we bring a pet to visit? Yes!  As long as the pet is well behaved, residents enjoy the companionship of a pet and these are some of our favorite visitors.

Will I be able to access my favorite TV channels and shows? 
Yes!  The villas have television with over 100 expanded cable channels, included in the basic rates accessed from the common family room in each home.  In-room TV cable connections are available and specialty channels or packages may also be individually arranged (additional fees apply). Note: Some Televisions may require a digital adapter to receive basic TV channels.

Can my parent bring her pet to live with her at the facility? We consider this on a case-by-case basis.  Please ask the licensee if a pet is to be considered for residence along with the resident.  We will do our best to accommodate as long as the pet is compatible with all other residents and appropriate care can be given.  Additional charges apply for pet care.

Can I take my parent out for lunch or dinner? Yes!  Just let us know in advance so we can adjust for meals and medicine; sign them out when you leave and sign in upon return. Resident may go out with any responsible party.  Visitor meals are also available at our facilities for those who wish to share a meal at home with their loved one.  Just let our staff know in advance. (small fee for visitor meals)

How will my parent receive hair care? Residents may use outside services, or facility contracted services. Many of our residents enjoy an afternoon out to the beauty parlor, while others who may find this more physically challenging may opt for the beautician to visit them in our home.

Can my parent receive podiatry care at home?  Yes!  We have a visiting podiatrist that can visit our residents.

Is there a visiting doctor that can see my parent at home?  Yes! At the Alamo facility we have an arrangement with a local visiting doctor.  A contract physician referral is available for all other facilities.