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Resident care and supervision is provided to insure safe bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, mobility and observation for changes in condition.  We provide a a clean and safe environment for our residents with daily housekeeping and laundry services.  Bedding is changed weekly, or more frequently if needed.  Maintenance of the home is provided inside and out to make sure everything runs smoothly and grounds maintain their beautiful landscape for visitors and residents to enjoy.  Additionally, we provide several fun and stimulating activities every day to enrich, educate and entertain our residents according to their interests and preferences.

We provide medication management that includes ordering refill medications, monitoring/accounting of all medicine and assisting with self-administration.  We also communicate any issues directly to the resident's physician and coordinate care with family members..

An emergency packet is maintained for each resident so that essential information can be quickly provided to paramedics and emergency department personnel if needed.

Staff can coordinate appointments and transportation to and from all scheduled medical/dental or personal appointments.  We provide written communication to the resident's physician for any current issue or concern.

We assist residents by monitoring changes in condition such as weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation or blood glucose monitoring.  Staffs are also available to provide basic nail care to hands and feet. More complex conditions may require podiatry care which is available from our visiting podiatrist.

Individualized care can be provided by trained staff for residents who require assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, incontinence management, mobility, feeding and custom monitoring. Care rates are based upon the individual needs of each resident.

Optional services available:

  • Awake Night-time care
  • Pharmacy pick up and delivery
  • Private duty caregiver
  • Visitor Meals
  • Caregiver to accompany resident to medical appointment
  • Private phone line
  • Facility to provide incontinent products
  • Facility to provide personal toiletries
  • In-room cable services and specialty channels.

Meals are often the highlight of the day; we offer a varied American-home style nutritious menu so that residents will have their favorite foods. Three well balanced meals and three snacks are served daily with fluids to encourage hydration.  Meals are served family style and can also be modified for any dietary restriction or favorite requests.  The main meal of the day is dinner with a lighter fare of soup, sandwich, fresh fruit and desert at lunch time.  Breakfast alternates daily with hot and cold cereal, pancake, waffle, french toast and eggs/sausage along with fruit cup and toast.  The caregivers will know each resident well and be able to prepare a resident's coffee or tea just how they like it.

A consistent routine promotes wellness and reduces anxiety; residents are reassured to know their needs will be met routinely and can anticipate when activities will occur.  Having a routine is comforting and helps regulate sleep-awake cycles as well as general physical health due to improved exercise, nutrition and hydration.  Our schedule is a guideline and may be adjusted to meet specific resident needs or preferences. 

7:00      Residents awakened, toileted and dressed

7:30      Breakfast served, review newspaper current events, medication dispensed

8:00      Brush teeth, grooming, scheduled showers

10:30    Toileting offered, snack served, scheduled activity

11:00     Walk/Fitness

1:00      Personal Time: TV, letters, reading, telephone calls, visits

3:30      Toileting offered, snack served, scheduled activity

4:30      Bed turndown, resident nightclothes are laid out

5:00      Toileting offered

5:30      Dinner served, Medication dispensed, Personal time, social activities offered

6:00      Teeth brushed, toilet and prepare residents for bedtime

8:00      Snack served for those who wish a snack

9:00      Bed check, toileting offered, Medication dispensed

Note: Staff are on-call from 9pm to 7:00 am for emergencies; routine night time needs may be accommodated with awake night care optional service.

Our activity program is designed to stimulate our residents physically and mentally with indoor and outdoor programs.  In addition to celebrating each holiday, we emphasize daily programs that encourage independence, memory, socialization, enhances leisure time and contributes to each resident's sense of well being. 

Activities are scheduled at least twice daily; additional special activities include holiday celebrations and may utilize community resources.  We tailor scheduled activities according to the abilities and interests of the individual residents in each home. Upon admission an activity preference survey is obtained in order to incorporate each resident's interests. Activities focus on improving memory, exercise, socialization and recreation as well as familiar homemaking tasks.  Favorite special occasional activities include family day luncheons, holiday decorating, neighborhood trips and religious services.  

Sometimes residents enjoy an outdoor BBQ or socializing during special family day functions.

Here are examples of our morning and afternoon activity selections:

Massage     Cooking Project    Craft Projects   Reminiscing       Dancing         Board Games
Barbecue     Happy Hour          Bingo              Puzzles             Ball Toss       Folding Linens
Karayoke     Photo Albums      Manicures        Color/Paint        Garden          Setting Table
Movies         Board Games      Current Events  Flower Arrange   Pet Sharing   Write letters
Word Game  Birthday Party     Prayer              Communion      

In addition to scheduled activities, residents enjoyaccess to an extensive library of literature, video/DVD movies, BBQ's, the daily newspaper and holiday celebrations.

We offer varied home style nutritious menu items so residents will always find their favorite foods.  We adapt the menu to meet the dietary needs of individuals for any medically prescribed diet.  E.g. Diabetic substitutes, low salt, altered textures such as mechanical soft, puree or thickened liquids.

Upon admission, the resident is interviewed to determine their food preferences and we adapt our selections accordingly.  We also take requests for family favorite recipes and include the residents in food preparation tasks if they wish.

Breakfast is typical American style; hot or cold cereal, eggs, bacon or sausage alternating with french toast, waffle or pancake.  Lunch is the main large meal of the day followed by a lighter dinner of soup, sandwich, fresh fruit and desert.

Beverages are served with the three meals and snacks every day.  Water, juice, milk, coffee, tea or hot chocolate and some seasonal favorites such as spiced apple cider or iced tea are offered.  We encourage hydration throughout the day, so ongoing drinks are available anytime.

Our menu can also be adapted to meet resident health goals of gaining, losing or maintaining weight; we've been extremely successful at improving weight for those who have difficulty. For those with difficulty chewing or swallowing, all menu item textures can be modified for safe swallowing and optimal oral intake according to medical recommendations.
Click here to see our sample menu:

Sample Menu.doc